Information for New Starters (Including International Staff)

New Starters - Introduction

As a new member of staff there is a lot you will need to learn about your role, terms and conditions of your employment and the organisation.  The A-Z Staff Handbook has been developed to provide all LJMU staff with the essential information about working at LJMU and in particular, matters which affect you rights and your obligations as employees.

In addition there is an Induction Booklet which is a useful tool for new starters.

The New Starters Menu to the right hand side also provides some information that may be useful for staff new to the university.

International Staff

A supplementary Guide for International Staff has been developed to provide specific information to staff coming to work at LJMU from outside the UK.

Checklist for things to do in your first week of employment

On the first day of your appointment, you will be given an ID Card Authorisation Form from your line manager along with instructions for obtaining both your ID card and IT access.

Once you have LJMU IT access, you should log into Staff Infobase and complete the following:

• Check your personal details including, name, address, date of birth, contact details etc. and make appropriate changes if required (some details can only be changed by HR and so you should contact then if you cannot make the changes yourself).
• Enter your telephone extension as soon as this is available.
• Enter your emergency contact details.
• Enter your bank details, this is extremely important, without this information you will not be paid.

The following guidance should assist you when using Staff Infobase:

• How to enter/ change your bank details
• How to view your on-line payslip
• How to enter your emergency contact details

Documentation Required

As a new member of staff you should already have produced certain documents to HR prior to your start date including proof of your entitlement to work in the UK. If you were unable to provide original documents for this at the time you must report to HR in the first week of your employment with the original document(s).

These documents are necessary to ensure compliance with Home Office Regulations. You should also forward your Income Tax form P.45 (if available) to HR.

Page last modified 11 February 2015.

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