staff infobase (Staff Self Service System)


Staff infobase is the University’s staff self service tool for managing staff records and is where staff and managers access and update staff records.
It is your responsibility to keep your details on staff infobase updated at all times. If this information is not correct not only will other University systems hold incorrect data but for example in the case of incorrect bank details receipt of your pay could be delayed.
staff infobase  gives employees access to view, change and add their own personal information wherever possible.

Employees will be able to:

• View your staff development dates, book available places and view your learning history
• View, amend and add personal information and contacts
• View your online payslip
• Update your bank details
• Enter your overtime (except for Property Services Staff)
• Apply for an annual travel season ticket or bike loan
• Book special leave such as flexi, domestic leave, exam leave (subject to approval by your line manager)
• Close your sickness record
• Receive a ‘welcome back’ after a period of sickness absence
• View your asset checklist i.e. LJMU property such as laptops, phones etc.

A manager or supervisor will be required to:

• Enter information into asset checklist
• Enter outstanding annual leave for your staff who are leaving the University
• Approve/reject requests made by your staff including their overtime (please note that if a manager is going on holiday, they can set up vacation rules which will allow another manager to deal with the request in his/her absence)
• Change an employee’s location and manager.

In addition staff infobase will:

• give those responsible for HR/payroll administration access to the particular details of employees required for that role
• give those responsible for sickness administration simple effective procedures which utilise the benefits of IT ensure that information held on the HCM database feeds other relevant university systems (eg telephone, finance, library) - so information is accurate on all systems once it has been supplied by the employee into the staff infobase 

Logging In

Click here to log on. You will be required to authenticate using the same username and password as when you initially logged onto the LJMU system.

Online Tutorials

There are online tutorials available to all staff covering all aspects of staff infobase. These can be accessed via the front page of staff infobase

Support Arrangements

The HCM System Support Team (HSST) is available to assist staff regarding staff infobase queries and problems (normal hours are from 9 am to 5pm Monday to Friday). Users should ring the help desk on 8792 or alternatively complete a Service Desk Express Request form which is available on the staff infobase website.

Individuals can also contact the Self Service Expert Users (SSEUs) in their area for assistance. To find out who your local expert user is please contact the helpdesk.

Further support can be found under FAQ’s section on the right hand menu.

Page last modified 13 February 2015.

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