Recruitment & Selection

- Interview Expenses Claim Form & Guidance Notes for Claiming
- Expenses Claim Form for External Interview Panel Member
- HERA Job Description
- Blank Job Description and Person Specification
- Interview Summary Sheet (to be used at shortlisting by recruiter to confirm details of candidates to be interviewed and interview details)
Interview Form -HR1 (to be used at interview to confirm successful candidate- this will be sent to the Panel before interviews)


- Overtime Claim Form
- Post Approval Form- to be used by managers.  Please click here to be re-directed to the Establishment Management Rules located in the Finance pages
- Job Evaluation Re-grading Form
- Sessional/ Hourly Paid - New Starter Application Form
- Sessional/ Hourly Paid - Additional Work Form
- Zero Hours Form

Paternity Forms

Ordinary Paternity Leave Request
- Additional Paternity Leave Request
- Addional Paternity Leave- Request to vary dates
- Additional Paternity Leave- Request to cancel Leave
- Additional Paterntiy Leave- Self Certification
- Additional Paternity Leave- Mothers Self Certification
- Additional Paternity Adoption Leave Request- Adopting from the UK
- Additional Paternity Adoption Leave Request- Adopting from outside the UK
- Additional Paternity Adoption Leave- Self Certification
- Additional Paternity Adoption Leave- Partners Self Certification  


- Stress (Work Related) Risk Assessment Form for Groups of Staff
- Stress (Work Related) Consent Form for Participation in a Stress Risk Assessment Focus Group 
- Return to Work Form (For Managers)
- Temporary IT Access Form (for Agency/Temp staff, Consultants, etc- Non contracted staff)
- Retired staff – Request for Managed IT Access Form
- Application Form for Visiting Positions & Guidance
- Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form


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