Certifying Sickness Absence

If you are away from work due to sickness you must ring in within one hour of your normal start time and notify your Line Manager or, if unavailable, the Sickness Administrator of your absence. 

You should ring in personally or, in exceptional circumstances (for example admittance to hospital), arrange for someone else to ring in if you unable to do so.  The following information should be provided:-

• General nature of the absence
• Likely duration of the absence
• A contact telephone number where you may be reached
• If appropriate, the position in relation to current workload should be discussed in order to reschedule meetings and/or help with cover arrangements for teaching or other commitments

Communication by text for sickness notification is deemed not to be an acceptable method of communication by LJMU and therefore any text messages regarding absence will be disregarded and you will consequently be recorded as being on unauthorised (unpaid) absence.

You are required to complete a self certificate for every period of sickness absence (including half days).  This can be done on Staff Infobase on your return to work. 

Should members of staff not have direct access to a PC, then a paper version (available from your Sickness Administrator) may be completed.  This must be passed to the Sickness Administrator to process electronically.  If self service sickness reporting is in operation, you will receive an automatic workflow e-mail reminder of the need to self certify together with guidance on how to do this.

Absences lasting beyond 7 days (including weekends and public holidays) must be covered by a medical certificate.  The medical certificate must be forwarded to your Line Manager or Sickness Administrator to reach them on or before the eighth day of absence or as soon as is practicable.

If more than one medical certificate is required for any period of absence, you must keep the Manager or Sickness Administrator informed of developments on a weekly basis, if appropriate.

Absences not covered by medical certificates will be regarded as unauthorised and the member of staff will not be paid.

Upon return to work, you must attend a Return to Work interview with your Line Manager. The length and depth of interview will depend upon circumstances.

Failure to follow the correct notification procedure, submission of medical certificates and/or failure to  attend meetings without a reasonable explanation may result in action being taken under the  disciplinary procedure.

If you work two contracts/split shifts, ie morning and evenings, it should be noted that if you report sick for the morning shift, you would be classed as being unfit for work for the whole day and not allowed to work the afternoon shift only.

If you have any queries about sickness absence reporting procedures talk to your local Sickness Administrator, your Manager or your HR Adviser.

LJMU Absence Policy and the associated guidance documents can be found in the A-Z of Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

Page last modified 05 November 2009.

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