Viva-Voce Examinations

Viva-Voce Examinations

Viva-voce examinations may be a standard form of assessment on some programmes (PhDs for example) or may be used where further information is required about a candidate's knowledge or ability in a subject area.

Viva-voce examinations may also be used to assist examiners in cases where there are:

  • Unexpected results
  • A borderline candidate
  • Mitigating circumstances

Candidates will not be disadvantaged by a viva-voce examination; marks cannot be reduced

The viva-voce panel should normally consist of at least two people one of whom should be a member of the academic staff.

Schools should publish, as soon as the date of the Programme Assessment Board is determined, the date(s) on which any viva-voce examination may take place.

Schools should contact any candidate invited to attend a viva-voce examination as soon as possible and wherever possible 5 working day's notice should be given.

Students should be notified in writing or via email of the form that the viva will take, for example:

  • How long will it last
  • Who will be in attendance
  • Whether they are permitted to bring any items for reference purposes
  • Whether there will be any items available for reference purposes.

The findings of the viva-voce panel and its recommendations shall be reported to the Programme Assessment Board.

Page last modified 20 September 2005.

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