Examination Venues

Examination Venues

The University holds examinations in a number of venues including University buildings and other off site locations.

Accommodation within LJMU is extremely limited and the number of students on a module and the nature of the examination are factors that will determine the location of the examination.  A significant number of examinations will be held off-site.

Faculty Managers are responsible for co-ordinating the servicing of examination rooms in their Faculty, irrespective of the Home Schools of the students sitting the examination.

Planning and Information will co-ordinate the servicing of Aintree Racecourse, IM Marsh Sports Hall, The Metropolitan Cathedral Crypt and other non-University venues.

Servicing Examinations

It is the responsibility of the School / Faculty / Section servicing a particular venue to prepare the rooms prior to each examination.

Preparation of the rooms - general information

  • Rooms must be appropriately furnished and laid out in examination(s)style. There should be sufficient space between desks to minimise the opportunity for cheating and to allow for safe and organised exit in the event of an emergency.
  • Check that fire exits are accessible and in working order.
  • Ensure that rooms are fit for use i.e. clean and warm enough [liase with cleaning staff locally - Planing and Information advises Estates of the assessment dates for the heating requirements/maintenance]
  • Ensure that rooms are adequately signposted - students may be unfamiliar with the venue.
  • Ensure that room capacities match the number of candidates [check against the timetable].
  • Number examination desks.
  • Examination stationery should be kept in a secure location. Unused stationery should not be left in unsupervised areas at any time.
  • Examination rooms must contain a working clock that is clearly visible to all candidates.
  • If there is more than one examination [per slot] in a room, seating plans should be prepared and displayed in a location that is clearly visible to candidates - these do not have to be individual seats for students but overall seating for the module[s]
  • A folder [compiled by the Faculty/Planning and Information as appropriate] containing the following information MUST be available in every room used for examinations.

  • A copy of the Stationery Requirements for each examination in that room.
  • A copy of the full examination timetable.
  • The location of the nearest telephone.
  • The location of the nearest photocopier [in case of insufficient examination(s)papers].
  • The location of the School/Faculty Office in case of medical emergencies.
  • The telephone contact number for the relevant module leader if appropriate.
  • The location of the nearest male and female toilets.

Preparation for each examination event - Servicing

Candidates are not permitted to enter the examination room until the room has been correctly set out and the Invigilator(s) are present. Candidates are normally permitted to enter the examination room 10 minutes prior to the start of the examination.

Except in an emergency, no persons other then candidates, invigilators, and University staff may be present in the examination room between the starting and finishing time.

Servicing staff should arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the exam.
Staff are required to check that:

  • The room complies with the above requirements.
  • That there is sufficient stationery as detailed on the Stationery Requirements Forms and additional supplies of answer books, continuation sheets and attendance slips.
  • That there are supplies of treasury tags [for attaching answer books together].
  • Stationery should be set out on each desk in accordance with the Stationery Requirements i.e. number of answer books, graph paper maths formula books, treasury tags etc
  • An Examination Attendance Slip to placed on each desk.
  • Seating plans to be displayed if appropriate i.e. MODULE XX desk numbers
    1-75. [Where there is only one examination in the venue, no seating plan is required]
  • Servicing staff should remain at the venue until all the candidates have been seated and the examination(s)has started.
  • Maths formula books and graph paper if appropriate.

Potential Problems

Insufficient desks for number of candidates

This may occur if further module registrations have taken place since the timetable was published.

  • Check carefully to see if any spare seats are available.
  • Check the nearest available room / examination venue to see if it being used or if there is space to fit any additional students [check timetable to ensure examination(s)is the same length].
  • If neither of these solutions is possible, ring Planning and Information to see where the nearest examination space is available - you will need to know how many students are involved and the duration of the examination.

Invigilator does not arrive / no examination papers

The invigilator should arrive 20 minutes before the start of the examination. If they have not arrived by the specified time, take the following action:

  • Ring the appropriate school office to confirm that the examination papers have been collected and the invigilator is on the way.
  • If the invigilator has not collected the papers, it is the responsibility of the School to bring the papers to the venue immediately and provide an invigilator.

Insufficient question papers

Be aware of where the nearest photocopier is so that you can copy additional papers.

Insufficient Stationery

Stationery supplies are sent to each School and each 'external' venue. Check where the stationery is stored for further supplies.

Special stationery requirements not provided e.g. formulae books

Check the stationery requests and check the venue to make sure the appropriate materials are there. If not, ring the Home School Office to check whether the invigilator will be bringing them with the question papers. If this is not the case, staff from the School will need to bring them to the venue immediately.

Two or more groups of examiners / students are claiming the same space

If a late change has been made to the timetable, students or staff may turn up at the wrong venue:

  • Check the timetable to see which examination should be in that venue and where the other examination should be.
  • Redirect staff / students to the correct venue.
  • Inform Planning and Information.

If there has been an error and the examinations are supposed to be in the same place, ring Planning and Information to find alternative accommodation. Make sure you have details of student numbers and the duration of the examination.

Page last modified 19 October 2011.

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