'Demolition!’, curated by Tomas Harold and Nathan Jones of Mercy.
film symbol demolitionsite07.wmv

‘Demolition!’ is a three-week exhibition of new artwork that has been produced with the specific intention of being damaged.

Eighteen international artists working in a variety of mediums have presented artworks that by the end of the exhibition (or by the end of the opening night!) will appear to have suffered some form of harm to their integrity. This could be the result of action taken by gallery visitors, by the artist, or the result of a process that is enacted by the artwork itself.

The destructive imperative does not necessarily require each work to be smashed to pieces; it can also mean that the artworks initial state is altered irrecoverably - leaving it transformed. It might even consist of the portrayal (or charting) of such an action which, of course, can take place elsewhere. So, the destructive process is subtle or violent, dramatic or gradual. Some of the pieces require the participation of gallery visitors to physically intervene, in other cases, the unstable nature of the artwork plays-out a gradual deterioration.

During the course of the exhibition, as some artworks deteriorate completely, the content of the exhibition is supplemented with new additions. So, the exhibition is continually transforming in two conflicting ways. While the destructive process plays out, the exhibition develops and ‘regenerates’ with the inclusion of new pieces of work. Because of this, the three-week show frames a process that will unfold at varying speeds, and which involves the participation of an undefined cast of collaborators.


As a vital component of the exhibition, a dynamic programme of three ‘destructive’ live events have been programmed to take place within the gallery during the course of the exhibition, as follows:

    - Sat 30th June: Binary Jam: A Celebration of Electronica and Live Video and Audio Sampling Techniques.
    - Sat 7th July: Fiction presents Liverpool Poetry Festival Launch.
    - Sat 14th July: Folk vs Antifolk: Demolish the labels – closing party.

‘Demolition!’ has excitement and accessibility at its heart - challenging visitors to consider transformation in all its guises against the backdrop of the Liverpool 2008 Capital of Culture regeneration programme.