Professor Don MacLaren

Emeritus Professor of Sports Nutrition

Don is a professor emeritus of sports nutrition, which is a testimony to his many publications on the subject in journals and books as well as his presentations at scientific and coaching conferences. He has been research active since 1980 in the fields of carbohydrate and fat metabolism, nutritional ergogenic aids, and applied aspects of sports nutrition. He is chair of the BASES ‘Sports Nutrition Interest Group’ and a member of the working party on sports nutrition accreditation; a joint initiative between BASES, Nutrition Society, the BOA, and dietitians. He was secretary of the ‘physiology section’ of BASES and is an accredited physiologist with the BOA. Don has been nutritional consultant with Bolton Wanderers F.C., and currently is with Everton F.C., Liverpool F.C., Derby County F.C., Colchester United F.C., and Sale Sharks R.U.F.C. He has undertaken significant contracted research with such companies as Novartis, Mars, GSK, Red Bull, and Penta water. His lecturing duties have resulted in many successful PhD, MSc and BSc students ‘passing through his hands’. In addition he wrote, organised, and was programme leader for the BSc Coaching Science degree in the early 1990s – the first coaching science undergraduate programme in the UK. Currently he is programme leader for the MSc Sports Physiology routeway.

Research areas
  • Sport and exercise nutrition
  • Carbohydrate and fat oxidation in relation to ageing
  • Ergogenic aids and sports performance
  • Eccentric exercise, DOMS, muscle function, and nutrition
  • Applied research in football and rugby
Research collaborators
  • Prof. Iain Campbell, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester
  • Dr Anne McArdle, Medical School, University of Liverpool
  • Prof. Keith Frayn, Oxford Lipid Metabolism group
  • Dr Linda Smith, Nuclear Medicine, Royal Liverpool University Hospital

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