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Student Advice and Wellbeing services are located on the ground floor of the Aquinas Building.

Student Advice and Wellbeing Advisers can also generally be contacted through the Student Zones. Contact can either be informal (i.e. by dropping in), or by appointment. Staff within the Student Zones will be able to assist with the making of appointments and advising students of staff availability.

Student Zone details can be found on the relevant links:

How to access the service

We are open from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday throughout the year (with the exception of the University's closed days). Individual staff with specialist knowledge and experience see students by appointment and on a drop-in basis.

Drop in service

There is a drop-in service available for students at:

  • Aquinas Building, Monday to Friday 1pm -5pm
  • Aldham Robarts, Monday to Friday 1pm – 5pm

The Aquinas Building is located next to the Aldham Robart Library, on Maryland Street, Liverpool L1 9DE. Please click here for further information on location and directions.


Head of Student Advice and Wellbeing: Yvonne Turnbull

Aquinas Building

0151 231 3108 

 Student Funding

 Aquinas Building

  0151 231 3153/3154

 International Advice

 Aquinas Building

 0151 231 3673

 Disability Advice

 Aquinas Building

 0151 231 3164/3165

 Study Support

 Aquinas Building

 0151 231 3048


Aquinas Building

 0151 231 3110

 Mental Wellbeing

Aquinas Building

0151 231 3579 or 07929 999 366

Care Leavers

Aquinas Building

0151 231 8098

For chaplaincy contacts please visit:

Page last modified 01 August 2014.

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