Skills Development and Training Events for Research

Liverpool John Moores University recognises the importance of skills development for postgraduate research students and promotes it as an essential part of their research programme.  In consultation with the University's Research Degrees Committee the Graduate School has produced a Postgraduate Research Student Skills Training and Development Framework to facilitate postgraduate research students and their supervisors in developing an appropriate skills training programme.  This framework is supported by the following documentation:

DRAFT Researcher Development Programme 2014-15

The Researcher Development Framework

The Researcher Development Framework is a professional development framework for planning, promoting and supporting the personal, professional and career development of researchers in Higher Education. It articulates the knowledge, behaviours and attributes of successful researchers and encourages them to realise their potential.

The Framework is designed for both researchers to evaluate and plan their professional development and managers and supervisors of researchers in their role supporting the development of researchers.

To access further information regarding the Researcher Development Framework including an RDF Professional Development Planning Tool please click on the link below: 

The Graduate School's Training and Development Programme has been mapped to the RDF subdomains.


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