Exchange students

Accommodation advice for exchange students

LJMU welcomes exchange students every year on a variety of programmes, including SOCRATES and ERASMUS.

Full year exchange students

Exchange students who intend to come to LJMU for the whole academic year may request accommodation using the same process as other students - see how to request accommodation.

Alternatively they may contact Liverpool Student Homes to enquire about availability in private houses and flats.  Please note that all non-UK students are required to pay for student accommodation in full, in advance of arriving in Liverpool - unless they can provide details of a valid (UK resident) guarantor.  For further information about guarantors, please see this section of the FAQ pages.

Single semester exchange students

Exchange students who intend to come to LJMU for one semester only are not eligible to request accommodation using the normal process and are advised to contact Liverpool Student Homes for advice instead.

The availability of single semester accommodation is very limited and unfortunately none of the accommodation options listed on this website are currently planning to offer single semester accommodation.  Accommodation will be especially scarce in the first semester (September to December) but we expect slightly more rooms to be available for the second semester (January to June).

For this reason, students considering attending LJMU on an exchange programme (who require student accommodation rather than private housing) are advised to attend for the whole academic year, or for the second semester only.

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