Nursing and healthcare students

Accommodation advice for Nursing and healthcare students

Students on healthcare-related courses usually experience difficulties when sharing flats with students on non-health courses because of their differing timetable, workloads and shift patterns. This includes all branches of Nursing (Adult, Child and Mental Health) plus Midwifery and Paramedic Studies.

For this reason LJMU recommends that new students on these courses should live in Marybone 3. The main advantages to living in Marybone 3 are as follows:

  • All bedrooms are en-suite and at £106.00 per week in 2014/15, represent good value 
  • It is the closest accommodation to the Tithebarn Street Building and the adjacent Learning Resource Centre
  • You will be living in a flat with students on similar courses
  • You will be able to extend your tenancy and stay on past the normal end of the contract period
  • If you are in receipt of a monthly paid bursary you can opt to pay your rent in monthly instalments

If you wish to live in cheaper accommodation then a limited number of flats are also available in Marybone 1 for healthcare students. Flats in Marybone 1 typically have six bedrooms and two bathrooms each and this is reflected in a weekly rent of £85.50 per week in 2014/15.  These flats are reserved for healthcare students only and will be located in a section of the building nearer to the older students and away from the new undergraduates.  However because the vast majority of Marybone 1 residents are not studying on healthcare courses,  it is likely that residents of these flats will experience more noise problems than those living in Marybone 3.

Students are free to choose where to live and both Victoria Hall and Liberty Atlantic Point are also close to the Tithebarn Street Building.  However no guarantee can be made about sharing a flat with students on similar courses at these two locations and it is not possible to move into Marybone 3 after the start of the academic year if any problems do emerge.

Accommodation for the Spring 2015 intake

Students joining LJMU as part of the Spring 2015 intake who require accommodation will be able to submit a request via this website from Monday, 3 November 2014 onwards. Unfortunately we cannot accept requests before that date. Students from this intake are not guaranteed to be offered a room at Marybone 3 but all will be offered accommodation of equivalent quality.  The available rooms in Marybone will be allocated based on home location and other factors and not on the usual "first come, first served" basis. It is likely that students from the Spring intake will not be informed of their allocated room until after the Christmas and New Year break.

If you have any queries regarding accommodation for health-related courses, please contact the LJMU Accommodation Office.

Page last modified 10 June 2014.

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