Careers Advice and Employability Support After You Graduate

 June 2012

If your career plans are yet to take shape, you feel your CV could do with a fresh pair of eyes or you are stuck with your job search and want to explore ideas in greater detail, help from the World of Work Careers Centre continues after you graduate.

The Careers Advisors and Employability Advisers at the World of Work Careers Centre are here to offer you the specialist advice that you require to improve your chances of securing employment.  

If you are unsure of where your qualifications will take you or want guidance on a particular industry, the careers advisers can help. If you would like someone to take a fresh look at your CV, application forms and letters to better prepare you for your next job application then the employability advisers can provide this guidance.

Appointments with either the Careers or Employability Advisers can be booked by calling 0151 231 8099. Alternatively, visit the World of Work Careers Centre website for further information.

Page last modified 31 August 2012.

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