Recruitment And Selection

Course Code - SDEOP02

Course Outine


As a training requirement before any recruitment and selection can be undertaken by LJMU staff, you will also be able to make better appointment decisions, resulting from improved awareness and knowledge of LJMU recrutment procedures and by gaining an insight into how to achieve enhanced quality of information from candidates at shortlisting and interview to enable the matching of candidate's knowledge, skills and experience to the essential requirement of the person specification.  The opportunity to put newly learnt procedues into practice through a shortlisting exercise and role-play interview will provide invaluable experience.


To enhance the understanding and confidence of those involved in employee recruitment and selection so that they approach the task in accordance with the approved arrangements and with a positive attitude, and thereby reach effective decisions.  To improve the skills of interviewers in framing pertinent questions at recruitment selection interviews  and in using the candidate's response as a guide to more detailed investigation of the candidate's experience relevant to the job vacancy. 


  • The recruitment process
  • Developing a person specification and job description shortlisting Do's and Dont's
  • Exercise - shortlisting  
  • Inertviewing skills/tips
  • Role of the chair
  • Interview questions
  • Exercise - preparing interview questions
  • Exercise - role play mock interview .
Attendance on this development is a prerequisite for staff undertaking recruitment and selection of staff,  this course is suitable for all staff who sit on Interview Panels

Pre Requisite

A pre requsite for attending the Recruitment and Selection development is the completion of the Diversity in the Workplace e-learning module.  Please log on to

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