Age Equality

Age is one of the protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010. The Equality Act gives protection to people of all ages.

The University is committed to promoting an ethos that safeguards the dignity and wellbeing of everyone and encourages practices that take into account the rights of individuals to be treated with dignity and respect. It recognises that age discrimination, harassment and victimisation may be experienced by all in a number of ways, including day-to-day interaction with colleagues, peers, visitors and students.

The University seeks to eliminate all forms of age discrimination and prejudice, both overt and covert; as such behaviour is unacceptable, discriminatory and unlawful.

The Act continues to allow employers to have a default retirement age of 65 until April 2011 and then it will be phased out by October 2011.  For more information on the government's plans to remove the default retirement age please visit the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU).

We will comply with the requirements of the Equality Act with regard to age equality.

For further information please visit the ACAS website.                                          

Page last modified 02 June 2014.

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