Green computing

Environmentally responsible computing - Minimising PC energy consumption

Image of Wind FarmAs part of the university's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, a project is ongoing in IT Services to reduce and control the amount of energy used in running PCs.

A product called NightWatchman is being used to centrally manage the power state of staff and student PCs to minimise energy usage, coordinated with the necessary security update maintenance.

NightWatchman is helping to reduce average PC power costs from £30,000 each month to under £16,000, an average saving of over £14,000 each month.

When are PCs powered down?

Currently all staff  and student computers are being powered down and woken up using NightWatchman every day.

Staff PCs are shutdown at 21:15 in academic buildings where teaching takes place, and at 18:00 in other buildings. They are powered on between 05:25-06:00

Student PCs are shutdown at 23:15 and woken up between 06:00-06:30

We ask that staff do no leave their PC 'locked' overnight as they cannot be rebooted and important updates installed, we advise that staff logoff their PC at the end of their working day and leave the PC on, if you have a need for the PC to be left logged on overnight please get in touch with the ITS Helpdesk on x5555 and we will discuss other options available to you.


 PC's will not shutdown if people are logged on and using them, occasionally we send out critical updates to systems and anyone logged on to a PC will be given warning to save any work before they are logged off.

Future developments

IT Services are committed and continually look to improve our power management and minimising our carbon footprint and we are constantly looking at ways to improve.



Page last modified 20 January 2015.

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