Domain name hosting

Getting a dedicated domain name

A department or organisation belonging to/associated with LJMU whose Web site is hosted on the LJMU Web server can have their own dedicated domain name (Web address).

Before you decide that you want to have an alternative domain name hosted by LJMU:

  • Please be aware that alternative domain hosting places a load upon the LJMU Web server, and can only be set up if it is absolutely necessary;
  • Please read the information provided below and make sure that you are aware of what is involved.

How to get an alternative domain name hosted by LJMU

Step 1:IT Services (ITS)
If you want to have your Web site hosted by LJMU under an alternative domain name you must first seek approval from ITS, by contacting the ITS Helpdesk (e-mail: Before we can take any steps to set up the hosting of your domain, we have to confirm that it is a legitimate concern, and does not contravene any of the existing conditions of use of ITS/Janet. If confirmation is given, setup can take up to a week, but is usually less than that.

Information that ITS require at this stage includes:

  • Proposed domain name (e.g.
  • Purpose of domain name
  • Name of sponsor/department
  • List of LJMU users who will require access to edit the site once created (one External web author account will be permitted) 

Please note that ITS charge a one-off hosting fee of £50 for each alternative domain name hosted by the LJMU Web server, plus a 4 yearly charge to host the web site - see "Production Web Site" charges here

Once you have been contacted by ITS that this stage is complete you then need to register your domain name externally.

Step 2: Register your domain name with Janet / Nominet / Internic.

    Janet, Nominet and Internic are the main official domain name registration organisations:

    Please note: In addition to the £100 payable to ITS, you have to pay the relevant organisation to register your domain name and keep it in use. The above Web sites provide information on fees and how to register.

    When registering you will need to provide the LJMU DNS server addresses:

    Secondary: DNSSLAVE1.LIVJM.AC.UK

    (The addresses must be quoted in this order).

Step 3: Send ITS a completed requisition form.
ITS charge £50 for the hosting of a new alternative domain, and £75 for the transfer of an existing domain to a LJMU server. This is aimed at discouraging people from registering domains with other organisations, since persuading those organisations to relinquish them later can take a great deal of tedious time and effort. You may use the online requisition form here to purchase your domain name and web site. Please use the Purchase Category Purchase Disk Space /Virtual Server.

Step 4: Await confirmation from ITS
When ITS receive the requisition form completed in Step 3, we will set up the domain name and web site requested, and inform you when it's done.  

Page last modified 02 February 2015.

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