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07 January 2011

The Academic Board will be looking for new members when the term of office of the current Board ends 17 April 2011. A Call for Nominations will be announced later in the month.

The Academic Board plays a pivotal role in the academic life of LJMU, dealing with a wide range of issues relating to research, scholarship, teaching and courses at the University. The Board is made up of both academic and non-academic staff and provides an opportunity to learn more about the University and for personal development.

Here are the views of two current members of Academic Board:

Dr Alison Cotgrave (Faculty Academic Staff, TAE member):

“I have been a member of Academic Board for two years and the involvement has been a real eye opener. You gain a real understanding of the University’s strategies and the reasons why we need to do the things that we do. You also realise that there are many people at all levels within the organisation that are allowed to give their views on our strategies and how best to operationalise them. You become aware that the senior management of the university do listen to and value our views on most of the major initiatives introduced within the university. Being a member of Academic Board is also very useful to the School or Service Team that you work within because quite often you get to know things first and can be ahead of the game.”

Professor Tim Cable (Director member):

“It has been a productive experience serving on the Academic Board of the University. I would recommend the position to anyone interested in understanding the breadth and depth of processes that operate across the institution to enhance student experience and quality of provision. The committee provides an excellent forum to engage in debate and move the University forward.”

Each term of office is for 2 years and members can serve up to 2 consecutive terms of office. Elected members who have served 2 consecutive terms can seek re-election to the Board at a later date, provided that there has been a break in service of at least 2 years.

Further information about the Academic Board and the election process can be obtained from

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