LJMU Student Survey now live

24 January 2011

Calling all undergraduates – tell us what you think about the LJMU student experience and you could win £1,000.

For the first time, LJMU is inviting all undergraduate students, not just final year students, to give the University honest feedback on what it’s really like to study here.

For the last six years, final year students have been able to do this through the National Student Survey (NSS) and in 2010, over 75% completed the survey giving LJMU a clear mandate on where improvements could be made as well as highlighting what’s working well.

The NSS is an independently run survey that asks students for feedback about their university experience and rates satisfaction levels on elements such as teaching, assessment and feedback, organisation and management, learning resources and personal development. Market research Ipsos Mori will contact final year students direct about completing the NSS.

This year LJMU is inviting all undergraduate students to make their voice heard and to take part in the LJMU Student Survey, which exactly mirrors the topics covered by the NSS. Mott Macdonald, an independent market research company, is managing this survey on behalf of the University.

The responses received from both surveys will be used as an action plan for change across the University.

To see what impact last year’s NSS results had on the LJMU student experience, visit the survey page.

Prize draw and print credits

Everyone who completes either the NSS or LJMU Student Survey by Friday 11 February will be automatically entered into a Prize Draw. A £1,000 prize will be awarded to three students, one from each Level of study.

All final year students who complete the NSS will receive £3 print credits.

Taking part in the surveys

Check your LJMU email account for details of how you can take part in the survey.

Closing dates for both surveys

The LJMU Student Survey for first and second year students will close on Monday 21 February.

The NSS for final year students will close at the end of April. For more information, go to www.ljmu.ac.uk/studentsurvey

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