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01 February 2011

Liverpoool Students' Union (LSU) has arranged a day trip to Warwick Castle this Saturday 5 February.

You will have the chance to look around this amazing city and experience the history of Warwick Castle.
Highlights of the trip include: 

  • Winter Shows
  • Attack and Defense Tours - learn all about the castle as a fortress and some of its famous siege stories. Find out how the trebuchet and ballista would have be used in sieges (please note that the Trebuchet will not be shooting)
  • Ghost Tours
  • Shakespeare’s Secret Tour - learn about the conspiracy theory surrounding the true identity of the real author of the plays
  • Tales of Warwick - hear true stories from the Castle’s past.
  • Character Tours - hear some upstairs downstairs life stories from some of the Georgian characters
  • Mill Tours Discover this Victorian Technology from the Mill Engineer
  • Tales from the Wise Woman - hear all about herbal remedies and potions from the Mediaeval period
  • A Servant's tale - hear what it was like to be a servant in the Georgian period
  • Tales from the Dragon Slayer or the Rat catcher - meet Devlin the slayer of dragons who will tell you tales of all of the beasts that he has conquered and show you some of the keepsakes he has accumulated on his journeys, including dragon breath, teeth and eyeballs. Ratcatcher – Ratty, the resident rat catcher will be entertaining in his own unique style throughout the day with tall tales, verse, songs and games.

For further details and to buy tickets visit

If you require more information contact

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