Check your tax code or you could end up paying too much tax

23 March 2011

Staff are advised that incorrect tax codes may have been sent out by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

As part of the move to a combined HR/Payroll system in 2009, LJMU combined its multiple tax references to a single unified reference issued directly by HMRC. However 18 months on HMRC have still not updated all employee details to remove the old references and as such some employees have two or more records with HMRC.

We are currently speaking with HMRC to get them to correct this however you should not rely on this being resolved quickly.

If you receive a P2 notice (Notification of Tax Code) in the post from HMRC please check this carefully. An incorrect tax code can result in overpayment of tax.

If you think you have been issued an incorrect tax code this can be rectified easily by contacting HMRC directly. The only way for an individual to correct tax code information is via HMRC.  LJMU Payroll staff are unable to amend your tax code on Staff Infobase unless instructed by HMRC.

All the information you require when you speak to HMRC is contained on your electronic payslip which can be accessed via Staff Infobase (the link is available from the LJMU staff homepage.)

Useful information

Current LJMU PAYE Reference 

428 / RA32305 (For all staff)

Old LJMU PAYE References are:

  • 428 / J8 (Academic / Local Management)
  • 428 / J9 (Administration)
  • 428 / J12 (Manual)

HMRC Telephone Number

0845 3000 627

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