Honorary Fellowships 2011: first names announced

12 October 2012

A new sharing learning and teaching practice webpage has been developed within the Academic Enhancement Unit website.

This page will be updated each month and will focus on a particular topic or theme; identify current trends ('what's hot?') and feature published resources. Most examples will be from LJMU staff - their own practice and in their own words.

Jackie Gresham, Director said:

"This webpage is part of AEU's strategy to meet the core aim to become a University that actively promotes the identification, dissemination and implementation of the very best practice in Learning Teaching and Assessment. Academic staff across the University have a wealth of good practice that can be shared with colleagues and this is one of the ways in which sharing can be encouraged. We hope staff will contact us with examples of their own practice that they would like to share with others."

The Academic Practice team would really value your feedback on both the style of the page and its content. They would also welcome any ideas you may have about future topics or future contributors from across LJMU. Please email your comments and ideas to Rach Boulter (r.m.boulter@ljmu.ac.uk)

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