Making Strategic Use of Information and Communication Technologies

18 February 2011

LJMU is one of just thirteen institutions which have been funded by JISC (the Joint Information Systems Committee) to field test the Strategic ICT Toolkit which has been developed by JISC and LFHE (the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education). The Toolkit has been developed to "help HEIs to analyse, assess and develop their strategic use of information technologies ... to support senior management in HE, in developing towards more strategically directed ICT deployment”.

John Townsend, Director of Corporate Information Services, Planning and Information, said: “This is a great opportunity to assess how we’re doing and ensure that we do even better in the future, at a time when the strategic and effective deployment of ICT is more important than ever”.

The main activities in the project will be the completion of self-analysis questionnaires by all members of the LJMU Information Management Governance structure (the structure within which we manage decision-making on our deployment of ICT, consisting of the Information Management, IT and Development Programme Steering Groups). The responses provided in these questionnaires will be analysed and used to identify areas which need increased focus or continued improvement,

The outputs of the JISC project will help set us up even more effectively to face a future in which rigorous demands will continue to be made on our ICT services.

The final part of the project will be to provide feedback to the JISC on the usefulness of the toolkit.

For further information about the SICT toolkit project, please visit or contact John Townsend (

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