CBeebies winning animation goes live

08 March 2011

CBeebies competition winners from the Interactive Media Department of LJMU's Screen School, saw their animated website feature launched this month.

'The Adventures of Doodle Dan', won the BBC competition to develop an original concept for the CBeebies website targeting four to six-year-old children. During the results announcement, Sarah Colclough, Executive Producer, commented on the outstanding quality of ideas and the presentation of all the LJMU entries.

The winning team consisted of four students, Jonathan Wharmby, Pei Sze Wong, Nicholas Thomson and Stephen West who went on to meet the production company, Chapman Entertainment, who produce such programmes as Fifi and the Flower Tots and Roary the Racing Car. The students then developed the storyboard and attended workshops during the production of the animated adventure.

A graduate from iMedia, Patrick Finn was nominated for the Innovation Award and two current third year students, Patrick Doyle and Dan Piercy, were also selected to display their work at the BBC Developing Talent Conference taking place on the day of the animation launch with the theme of "Talent and Technology" and an opportunity for a range of universities, colleges and other organisations from across the North of England to hear expert advice from BBC representatives Victoria Wood and Nick Park.

You can watch the animation at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/grownups/about/doodledan.shtml

Group image of Sarah Haynes, Nicholas Thomson, Pei Sze Wong



Pictured:Liverpool Screen School's Sarah Haynes, Nicholas Thomson, Pei Sze Wong


Image of Peter Kelly and Patrick Doyle

Pictured: Liverpool Screen School's Peter Kelly and Patrick Doyle

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