Lecture: Remembering our Ancestors: Healing the Past

11 March 2011

Professor Roger Woolger Lecture: Remembering our Ancestors: Healing the Past

LJMU  is set to welcome Professor Roger Woolger, the author of some of the most definitive work in the field of regression therapy, whose work has evolved into the highly original therapeutic tool ‘Deep Memory Process’, a therapy of the soul. Transpersonal psychology is a form branch of psychology that studies the transpersonal, self-transcendent or spiritual aspects of the human experience.

Roger will be considering questions including: Is there a soul?  Does it survive death?  What is a Near Death Experience?  Are spirits real? What can parapsychology tell us? What do mediums really do? 

Roger  is a Jungian analyst, regression therapist and professional lecturer, and will be hosting delivering the free lecture titled; ‘Remembering our Ancestors: Healing the Past’ following a partnership between LJMU’s School of Natural Sciences and Psychology and Dingle Community Working Learning Programme in conjunction with the International Transpersonal Association. 

The lecture will be introduced by Les Lancaster, Professor of Transpersonal Psychology at LJMU, who is President of the International Transperosnal Association. Roger previously ran a weekend workshop for the Dingle community group exploring the psychodynamic legacy of the slave trade.

Roger Woolger commented on coming to Liverpool:

“I am very happy to be presenting this material at LJMU. It is exciting that the Psychology Department and Prof. Les Lancaster  in particular have such a keen interest in Transpersonal Psychology, and have been helping to build the academic base of this discipline. From my wide experience as a public lecturer this is an area of burning interest for many people today.”

With degrees in psychology, religion and philosophy from Oxford and London Universities, Roger also  trained as an analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich. Born a British citizen, Roger has lived and taught Jungian and transpersonal  psychology and comparative religion in North America and England.  Roger Woolger's first book, Other Lives Other Selves, (Doubleday, 1987) is an innovative synthesis of Jungian depth psychology, bodywork, yoga psychology, psychodrama and eastern meditation principles.

Lecture details

Who: Roger Woolger, Jungian analyst, regression therapist and professional lecturer

When: Wednesday 16th March 6pm

Where: Cherie Booth Lecture theatre, Byrom St L3 3AF

For further information please contact:  Professor Les Lancaster 0151 904 6304 or email B.L.Lancaster@ljmu.ac.uk  

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