Module Appraisal Survey: Semester Two, 2010/11

14 March 2011

The Academic Enhancement Unit launched the Module Appraisal Survey for Semester Two on Monday 14 March 2011.

Image of hand holding a penThis semester, all LJMU Schools are taking part in an online module appraisal survey. Students will receive an email with a link to a short questionnaire for each module studied. (NB. only Semester Two modules and September year-long modules are included). Questionnaires can also be accessed via Blackboard.

Results will be generated by the LJMU Academic Enhancement Unit. All responses will be completely anonymous as email addresses/ID numbers are not stored.

It is expected that results be considered at Boards of Study. Results may also be discussed by programme staff in the annual monitoring process. The results may inform changes to modules which will benefit future students.

The Survey will remain open until Sunday 27th March.

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