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17 March 2011

Clodagh McKinney, who is studying Computer Forensics at the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, was the first student to be accepted on an IT work placement at

Clodagh's successful integration into the Cambridge team, where she has a 12 month placement as a IT Development Coordinator, has even led to Clodagh signing up to take part in climbing the Three Peaks in England, Scotland and Wales along with some of her work colleagues in June.

“LJMU was fantastic at communicating available work placements and when I saw the opportunity I knew this would be an amazing place to work. My job involves looking at portals for employee communication and for the support team. I have seen the dedication and hard work that all the employees at deliver to create such an amazing website. It is brilliant being ‘behind the scenes’ to see the real responsibilities an IT role requires to keep a company like this running. I want to work in the IT industry and now I can see a wider range of employment options out there.

“The University was an enormous help in getting my CV up to date, making sure it was relevant to the placement I was applying for and the LJMU ‘Preparing for Placement’ meetings gave me the advantage of getting advice on what employers look for, how to prepare responses for interviews and how to engage people. Without all the help and support from LJMU, it would be much more stressful for students to successfully gain a placement and this would lead to them missing out on such an incredible experience within their degree.”

“Clodagh has integrated well into the company and has been an integral part of the Development team. It’s been great having her on board and we will miss her! We hope to continue to offer work placements for students across the business, so watch this space!”

Dr Mark Taylor, LJMU Senior Lecturer, Department of Information, Media and Computer Entertainment said: “LJMU’s School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences recognises the importance of giving students high quality placement opportunities during their degree, particularly in light of the fact that nearly two-thirds of recruiters warn that graduates who have had no previous work experience at all are less likely to be successful during the selection process and have less chance of receiving a job offer for their organisations graduate programmes. With the support of companies like, we can ensure that our graduates have the skills, knowledge and industry experience and are ready for work.

“The additional good news for IT graduates is that recent reports have shown that graduate recruitment for Information Technology is high on employers’ wish lists, with High Fliers Research Limited revealing that the North West is second only to London in terms of graduate employability in this area and recruitment is set rise by nearly 10% in 2011.”

Clodagh’s placement is due to end in August, and she will then enter her final year of study at LJMU. You can support her Three Peaks Challenge for the Teenage Cancer Trust at:

Pictured: Clodagh and work colleagues taking part in the Three Peaks Challenge

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