Tweeting, meeting and sharing

01 April 2011

More and more LJMU staff are using Twitter as a platform to engage colleagues, potential and current students, and friends and family. A diverse range of accounts across the University are being used for teaching and learning, marketing and sharing information.

Following a 'Twitter for beginners' session led by the Academic Enhancement Unit (Alex Spiers aka @alextronic) participants felt that it would be useful to bring together those account holders to share knowledge and experience.

This gives rise to LJMU's first ever Tweetup (a twitter meet up) where all are welcome to meet the faces behind the avatars, and exchange tips and tricks.

When: Thursday 7th April, 4pm onwards

Where: Parr St Studio 2, Parr St, Liverpool

Who: All are welcome, from absolute beginners to old hands.


Further background information:

For more information, contact Mandy Phillips (@m8nd1) at

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