Important information about Byrom Street

06 May 2011

On Saturday, 7 May 2011 electrical supplies to Byrom Street will be disrupted as a result of the ongoing high voltage infrastructure works at the site. 

Byrom Street will be closed on 7 May to everyone except personnel involved in the project and staff and students are asked to plan their work accordingly to take account of this planned closure. 

If you are based at Byrom Street you must also make sure that you switch off and unplug all electrical devices, including your PC and monitor, by close of business on Friday 6 May. This is to prevent equipment being damaged as a result of any power surges. 

Property Services are liaising with senior technical staff to ensure that all critical equipment is monitored and switched back on after the interruption to power. 

Similar, electrical interruptions are planned for June, July and August. Staff and students will be notified in advance of specific dates.

Queries: Please contact your senior technician or Martin Christie or Tracey Price from Property Services. 

More about the high voltage infrastructure works: 

A combination of old age and outmoded facilities means that the electricity infrastructure at Byrom Street, now over 40 years old, is struggling to cope with the demands that a modern university places upon it. Scottish Power, the local electricity company, is also replacing all 6,300 volt power supplies with new high voltage switchgear supplying 11,000 volts.  

LJMU is investing £1.2million to replace Byrom Street’s high voltage infrastructure, building a new substation and doubling the electricity capacity of the site. Low voltage replacement works within the site’s buildings will be carried out following the completion of these works. The investment should ensure that the site is able to meet power demands for many decades to come. 

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