Nursing students aid Stroke Awareness Day

12 April 2011

A student nurse measures a shopper's blood pressureThis year's Stroke Awareness Day saw over 400 Rotary Clubs take to the streets to take raise awareness of the condition. LJMU's nursing students on the Student Mentoring Scheme helped out by taking shoppers' blood pressure and offering medical advice.

The nursing students and their academic lead, Frances Colbron, carried out 300 blood pressure tests at the Asda Superstore in Hunts Cross Liverpool. The Liverpool Garston Rotary Club members assisted on the day. Of the 300 persons tested 92 were advised to see their GP for further treatment.

On average, Stoke Awareness day sees around 13,500 people step up to have their blood pressure taken, with just under 3,000 being advised to see their GP for more tests and a further 196 urged to seek medical advice immediately. Over the years, the event has helped prevent thousands of people suffering the sometimes fatal and often disabling consequences of a stroke. It is estimated that 40% of the 150,000 strokes suffered by people in the UK each year could be prevented.

The Student Mentoring Service offers a network of student mentors who can help first year students settle into university life. Student mentors are second or third year undergraduate students who provide support for first year students. Student mentors can offer study advice and support, demonstrate how systems in the faculty work and listen to any queries and concerns students may have.

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