Criminal Justice student conference: Experiencing Justice

14 April 2011

90 level 2 students from the Criminal Justice programme recently attended a conference at the Graduate Development Centre (GDC) as part of their module assessment. The GDC worked alongside module leader, Ester Ragonese to set up the event. 

The aim of the conference was to allow the students to integrate academic learning as well as gain work related skills from a real life experience in a conference setting. All students attended on time, fully participated and were dressed smartly for the event. From the beginning of the day the students showed enthusiasm and professionalism which continued throughout the conference and presentations. As part of the conference the students had to deliver assessed presentations.

Module Leader Ester Ragonese opened the event and welcomed the students, then staff from the GDC spoke to the students about the WoW Skills Certificate, careers and how they could develop their potential.

John McIlveen, Senior Probation Officer from North Liverpool Community Justice Centre, gave an upbeat keynote presentation focussing on the role of the centre and the concept of punishment. Other guest speakers included LJMU Graduates Alena Slaninova and Aleksandra Stadnik, who now work for Liverpool-based production company Genie in the Gutter. From there the group split into three to complete their presentation assessments. The presentations were marked by the module leader, and other members of the teaching team.

The event was a success for all involved, giving students the opportunity to meet people from an industry related to their studies, as well as getting experience delivering presentations in a conference setting. A high standard was set and the students were pleased with their achievements. One student commented: "I gained a lot from the experience; it is a really beneficial practice."

Ester commented: "It went well, and the students demonstrated an ability to respond and produce a high level of work."

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