No Cop Out for the CCSE

05 May 2011

The Centre for the Study of Crime, Criminalisation and Social Exclusion (CCSE) recently ran a successful engagement event: No Cop Out? Young People’s Conference on Policing for young people, aged 13-19 years, living in Liverpool.

This considered young people’s viewpoints on a range of community issues from the zero-tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour to how they feel the police should deal with crime.

A series of workshops on neighbourhood policing, anti-social behaviour, hate crime and personal safety were followed by a Question and Answer panel chaired by Joe Yates, Director of the School of Humanities and Social Science and consisted of; Ann O’Byrne, Community Safety Select Committee, Liverpool City Council, Cathy Waring, Liverpool Integrated Youth and Play Service, Chief Inspector Val Powell, Merseyside Police, Tom Kelly, Merseyside Policy Authority, Tony Lloyd, the Anthony Walker Foundation and Josh Daiken, the Liverpool Youth Council.

This gave local young people the opportunity to make a positive contribution to decision making on key policing issues.

Val Powell, Chief Inspector, Citizen Focus Department, Merseyside Police said:

"I was pleased to be on the panel, which was an excellent opportunity for young people to ask the police, local authorities, Liverpool City Council, the Youth Service and the Anthony Walker Foundation questions about issues they feel strongly about. The event was a success and demonstrates how academic research can play an important role in helping communities resolve issues and the Centre for the Study of Crime, Criminalisation and Social Exclusion Department did an excellent job in organising this event".

Josh Daiken, 19, from the Liverpool Youth Council, was part of the Q and A panel at the event. He commented:

"I chose to be on the panel today as I wanted to speak for young people from my area. I think that LJMU really helps to break boundaries by bringing the local community together. This was my first experience of working with a university and it’s great to see how they use their research to support young people and local issues".

Image of attendees and presenters at conferenceJanet Jamieson, Head of Criminology, Liverpool John Moores University said:

"The conference provided an opportunity for young people to share their views and experiences with regard to policing and community safety and to articulate these views to policy makers in Liverpool. The success of the conference was premised on the enthusiastic and constructive contributions from the young people who participated in the day and was facilitated by LJMU working in partnership with Liverpool Integrated Youth and Play Service and Merseyside Police. We hope to build on this experience with a view to young people making a positive contribution to decision making on key policing issues in their local neighbourhood".

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