Peugeot aids GDC Delivery Team expertise

03 June 2011

As part of the Graduate Development Centre Delivery Team’s commitment to be as expert and informed as possible when it comes to understanding how employers recruit graduates, GDC Careers Adviser Laura Aldridge recently observed an employer assessment centre in action when she attended Peugeot’s Assessment Centre in Coventry.

Peugeot were recruiting for an industrial placement vacancy and Laura observed the whole assessment process which candidates have to undergo and had the chance to watch a group exercise and a series of interviews. She also received a valuable insight into how employers assess and evaluate applicants against strict criteria.

Laura commented: "My observation of the Peugeot Assessment Centre demonstrated to me just how rigorous the selection process is which students and graduates have to go through to be successful in gaining a job or placement with a large company. It emphasises the need for students to be prepared to give evidence of their strengths as the interviewers used scenario based questions which required candidates to give an example of when he or she had used a particular skill. 

"This demonstrates the importance of students undertaking the World of Work Skills Certificate as the self-awareness part of the certificate requires students to reflect on their skills and areas of development."

GDC Careers Advisers and Employability Advisers have attended many similar assessment centres and careers days across a variety of sectors to gather essential up to date intelligence on the graduate recruitment process to disseminate to students and staff. For more information contact the GDC on 0151 231 8099 or email

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