Staff Infobase: vacation rules

08 June 2011

With the Summer approaching and many members of staff going on annual leave, it is vitally important that employees who are Line Managers for staff, and therefore responsible for approving workflows, set their vacation rules on staff infobase in order to allow somebody else the authority to approve in their absence.

To do this you should:

  • On your staff infobase homepage click the ‘Vacation Rules’ link on the right hand side
  • Click the 'Create Rule' button
  • Click 'Next'
  • The 'Start Date' will default to today’s date, if you would like to change this use the calendar button to the right.
  • Use the calendar button next to 'End Date' to enter an end date to the rule i.e. the day before you will return
  • Enter an optional message in the 'Message' box
  • In the box to the right of 'All Employees and Users' start typing the Surname of the person you want to approve your notifications while you are off, when the correct person appears in the drop down choose them by clicking on their name
  • Click ‘Apply’

For further information or enquiries contact Neil Larsen, Human Resources on ext: 8792 or email:  

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