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13 June 2011

Final checks are currently underway to ensure that all relevant student data is successfully migrated from OSS onto the new Student Information System (SIS). To help clarify what’s required to make sure the SIS cutover goes well, here is a list of FAQs.

If you have a question that’s not answered here, please contact the SIS Project Team by emailing:

Q1: What is the SIS cutover?

This is when LJMU will move from using OSS to SIS to manage all of its student administration processes.

Q2: What is the cutover deadline?

At the close of business on 8 July, all student records that meet the specified migration criteria (see Q8 below) will be copied from OSS and migrated onto SIS.

Q3: When will I be able to use OSS again?

OSS will only be unavailable after the close of business on Friday 8 July while a copy is made of all the student records to be migrated onto SIS. You will be able use OSS again from 9 July onwards, including during graduation week.

Q4: Is the SIS cutover happening at the same time that Blackboard is being upgraded?

Yes. Blackboard will be unavailable from close of business on Friday 8 July until 9am on Monday 18 July to enable the planned upgrade to version 9.1.

When Blackboard comes back online on Monday 18 July, all modules will be identified using the SIS course catalogue number. So please make sure that your 2011/2012 Programme and Module Guides are updated using the correct SIS codes.

Q5: What student system should I use after the 8 July?

OSS should only be used for recording marks and grades which will be copied over to SIS during a final data migration after the September PABs. Please note, access to SIS will initially be limited to key Faculty administrators and that’s why staff are advised to update student records as fully as possible before the cutover deadline of 8 July.

Q6: How will fee holds be managed before and after the cutover?

Students with outstanding debts will have fee holds put on their OSS record before the 8 July cutover deadline to stop re-registration. Staff should contact the relevant Student Zone to have fee holds lifted if they need to enter marks and grades on these records. From 9 July until mid-September, L&SS will manage fee holds on both OSS and SIS, updating student records on both systems if and when fee holds are lifted. 

Q7: What happens if I miss the cutover deadline?

If student records are not in the correct status by close of business on 8 July, they will not be migrated onto SIS. This means that students will not be able to use Self Service to complete part of their registration in August before the start of the new academic year. Not only will this cause bigger queues at the LRCs during enrolment, impacting negatively on the individual student experience but it could potentially be very damaging for the University’s reputation if it involves large numbers of students. There is no quick or easy fix to identify or upload missing records. This will be a time-consuming manual process requiring all data (including the complete academic history) to be input onto SIS again from scratch.  That’s why it is vital that all data is accurate before the 8 July cutover deadline.

Q8: What are the key migration criteria?

Any data relating to the student population will be migrated provided it relates to active students as defined by:

  • Programme attempt status (inactive, enrolled, intermit)
  • Nominated completion year, which must be greater than 2011

If these two criteria are met all current and historical data for an active programme attempt will be migrated – this includes module enrolments, module marks/grades, level mean marks, advanced standing and transfer history, etc.

Q9: What do I have to do to make sure student data is migrated?

The cutover data checks are no different to the usual post-PAB processing that is done every year. What is different this year is that it all needs to have been completed by 8 July.

This includes updating/adding: 

Please remember if student records are not in the correct status they will not be migrated from OSS onto SIS.

Q10: What about students taking resits in August?

All student records – including those relating to students taking resits or transferring programmes – should be updated as fully as possible according to the migration criteria prior to the 8 July cutover deadline. After this date only marks and grades relating to resits should be input onto OSS; all other changes to student records must be recorded on SIS after 8 July.

Marks and grades don’t need to be entered on both systems as all marks/grades relating to the 2010/2011 academic year (not just the resits) will be migrated across to SIS after the September PABs provided the student record and module attempt have been migrated.

Q11: How will I be able to check what student records are ready for migration?

A report listing students in the population will be available via the Web Hub, updated 3 times a week from 2 June until 8 July so that staff can track which records meet the migration criteria.

Planning and Information will run a final report prior to the cutover deadline and student records with an intermit status and a completion date of less than 2011 will be automatically changed to 2012.

Q12: What about marks and grades arising from the September PABs?

During the week beginning 12 September all marks and grades entered on OSS will be migrated across to SIS after the PABs. This migration will capture all marks and grades entered for the 2010/2011 academic year not just those relating to the summer calendar or referrals.  However, no other student data will be migrated at this time and that’s why it is essential that all data is checked and updated according to the migration criteria by the 8 July deadline.

Q13: When can staff start using SIS?

Access to SIS will be rolled out from 1 August onwards, starting with the Student Zones to ensure appropriate support and guidance is in place to support students using Self Service. Further details on the planned roll-out of training and access to SIS will be published online soon.

Please note, access to the system will be predicated on staff successfully competing bespoke training to ensure that they have confidence in using the new system. A similar approach to training and access was used for the Student Recruitment and Admissions staff before they started using SIS with great results. More details will be published online soon.

Q14: When will students start using SIS?

Students will start using SIS to start their registration for the 2011/2012 academic year from 8 August onwards. For further details on the new registration process and information that is being issued to new and continuing students please click here.

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