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13 June 2011

Under the new rules, student transfers should, wherever possible, only be processed at the start or end of each academic year.

Introducing the new Student Information System has enabled LJMU to review and establish a set of rules on how specific processes should be managed by staff across the university. One such area is how student transfers are managed by L&SS and Faculty Admission Hubs to ensure that all students receive the best possible student experience with minimal disruption to their studies or their student funding.

More information on this and other aspects of managing transfers on SIS are outlined below. If you have a question that’s not answered here, please contact the SIS Project Team by emailing:

Q1: Should we record transfer details on OSS for the 2011/2012 academic year?

Yes – if this information is known before the 8 July cutover deadline you should update the relevant student records accordingly. The general advice to staff managing student records is to do as much as you can before the records are copied from OSS and migrated onto SIS – that includes inputting marks and grades, progression, transfers, withdrawals, etc. To find out more about the migration criteria, click here.

Q2: How will transfers be managed after the cutover?

After 8 July, all transfers will be managed on SIS.

Q3: How are transfers managed on SIS?

Transfers are defined under four distinct business processes in SIS

Programme Change

Changing programmes on SIS is a complex process reflecting the fact that changing from programme A to programme B may have implications for the tuition fees that students are liable to pay or the student loans they are eligible to receive. Other than the exceptions identified below all programme changes will be managed by staff in the Student Zones.


  • Students in the School of the Built Environment progressing from an HND to the second year of a degree programme in the same subject area. As progression is normally determined by the outcomes of an Assessment Board, this programme change will be managed the Faculty Admin Hub. 
  • Collaborative students progressing from one programme to another in a partner college as part of an articulated progression route.
Plan Change This is a relatively simple process on SIS as the system’s academic structure is configured to take into account the majority of transfers plan options within each programme (such as  transfers to fallback awards, alternative exits and specialisms / routeways or moves between full-time and sandwich plans).  As these changes are normally an Assessment Board outcome and there are no student finance implications, these transfers will be managed by the Faculties.  
Data Change This relates to a change of academic load, for example when students switch from studying full-time to part-time study. These types of transfers will be managed by the Student Zones as there may be changes to the tuition fees that must be charged. 
Re-admission The re-admission process should be used for all ‘transfers’ into year 1 of a programme and will be managed jointly by the relevant Faculty Admission Hub and Student Zone. Examples of a re-admission include a student progressing from a foundation programme at a partner college onto a degree at LJMU, or from an undergraduate degree to a Masters programme.

Q4: When should transfers take place?

Ideally transfers should only be completed:

  • at the start of the academic year as part of enrolment prior to the module registration deadline
  • or following the outcome of the Assessment Boards at the end of the year.

Student self-service should reduce the number of transfers required as a result of administrative errors as students will be asked to check that they are enrolled on the correct programme (and the correct modules) as part of the re-registration process at the start of each new academic year.

Q5: Can we transfer students at other times of year on SIS?

Yes you can but this should be avoided due to the negative impact this could have on the student experience. Students will have missed key teaching and learning activities as well as formative and summative assessments. Depending on the nature of the transfer it may also have implications for their student funding.

That’s doesn’t mean that transfers can’t be completed at other times of the academic year but it will be both complicated and time-consuming for staff. A Helpdesk query must be raised to help you manage the process as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The Helpdesk email is:

Q6:  What happens if a student withdraws from a programme and then a few months later decides they want to study another programme at LJMU?

If a student’s record has been updated and their active status is defined as ‘Withdrawn’ they cannot be automatically transferred onto another programme. Instead they must submit a new application form which should be considered alongside other applications for the programme. There will be no automatic right to a place on the new course. That’s why it is vital that students are directed to a Student Zone where they can get advice and guidance before they formally withdraw from their studies at LJMU.

Q7: What about students who want to change programmes at the start of the year?

If a student wants to change programmes just after they've enrolled at LJMU they need to get permission from the Faculty delivering their preferred programme of study. If they receive the correct permissions, the student should then be directed to the Faculty Admission Hub where the re-admission will be processed. The Hub should then inform Student Zone staff who will complete the programme cancellation process and inform the Student Loans Company about the transfer details.

Q8: Or, at the end of the academic year?

If a student decides that they want to change programmes at the end of their first year, they should first talk to their Programme or Personal Tutors about what their options are. They should then be directed to their Faculty Admission Hub so that a re-admission onto year 1 of programme B can be processed. The Hub will send a transfer form to Student Zone staff who will send relevant details to the Student Loans Company. 

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