EU funding success for LOOM

10 June 2011

LOOM Research Institute secures EU funding for development of sustainable freight and logistics transport systems.

The Liverpool Logistics, Offshore and Marine (LOOM) Research Institute within the School of Engineering, Technology and Maritime Operations has been successful in securing EU grant funding of €350,000 to research the development of sustainable freight and logistics transport systems in northern Europe. 

The four-year project entitled WEASTFLOWs involves 21 European partners with a total EU contribution of €4.6m. The main focus of the research is the East West freight corridor which has under-used port and sea transport capacity, and a heavily congested land transport infrastructure.The Institute’s research will contribute to the economy by looking at ways in which transport times and energy costs can be reduced with use of sustainable freight transport, strategies for reducing congestion at key bottlenecks, and the deployment of new technology to make better use of existing capacity. 

For more information on the WEASTFLOWS project please contact Professor Jin Wang, Director of LOOM Research Institute, email:

For information, support or how to apply for EU grants, please contact the Development Funding office on extension 6471 or email: or

Photo at the inaugural project meeting at Lille, 26 May 2011: from right - Professor Jin Wang (LOOM), Emmanuel Préterre (CRITT – lead partner), Ed Metcalfe (Institute for Sustainability –joint lead partner), Detlef Golletz (Institute for Sustainability), Dr Andi Cunningham, Dr Alan Wall and Dr Jun Ren (LOOM)

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