LJMU’s Summer Semester goes from strength to strength

20 June 2011

LJMU recently welcomed almost 700 students to begin their Summer Semester programme with the University.

Under the Summer Semester model, LJMU recognises partner institutions' own awards as advanced entry on to specific LJMU Honours degrees, enabling students to undertake a 14 week summer programme at LJMU to top-up their current award to Honours level.

For partner institutions' awards to be recognised in this way, they undergo a rigorous approval procedure to establish their ‘fit’ with LJMU programmes and ensure that students progressing to LJMU are adequately prepared to commence study at a higher level.

LJMU currently delivers Summer Semester programmes with seven partner institutions: TARC and Megatech Colleges from Malaysia, Accra and Ho Polytechnics from Ghana, TMC College from Singapore and, for the first time this year, students from HELP University College in Malaysia  and ICBT College in Sri Lanka.

New Summer Semester programmes have been approved in preparation for this summer and students are studying across a total of 17 programmes involving five Faculties of the University.

Summer Semester students have a strong track record of success.  In 2009, 60.4% of students were awarded a 1st or 2.1 degree.

Following the hugely successful pilot of the WoW® Bronze award with Summer Semester students last year, nearly 500 students have opted to take up this opportunity this year.

Maureen Evans, Commercial and International Directorate, said: ‘The Summer Semester programme is of great benefit to the students who tell us that it is not only a hugely valuable academic experience but one that also contributes to their personal development.  From their celebratory induction, through the events organised via the Liverpool Student’s Union, to the splendid graduation ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, Summer Semester students are very much part of LJMU and we wish them all success in their studies.’

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