Graduation Review: Tuesday 12 July 2011

03 October 2012

At Tuesday’s Graduation the sun managed to shine through the clouds on students, their friends and families as we celebrated the achievements of graduates from:

Morning Ceremony

Liverpool Screen School
School of Engineering, Technology and Maritime Operations
General Engineering Research Institute

Afternoon Ceremony

Faculty of Health - Social Work
Liverpool School of Art and Design

Honorary Fellows

There were three Honorary Fellowships awarded (please click on the links to read the orations presented to them at each ceremony) 

Paul Barber for his outstanding contribution to the performing arts over the last 30 years - on stage, television and film. 
Neil Scales for his outstanding contribution to the regeneration of Liverpool.
Dame Janet Suzman for her outstanding contribution to the performing arts.

If you've missed any of the ceremonies and would like to watch them online, visit our webcast archive.

Don't forget to have a look at our official Facebook site to see more photographs from the ceremonies -

Image of graduates celebrating after Tuesday's Graduation Ceremonies

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