Prizes and placements for Business Graduates

03 October 2012

On the morning of Wednesday 13 July, undergraduate students from Liverpool Business School were at the Cathedral to collect their award certificates. We talked to just a few of them about their achievements.

Image of graduate Amy Pryce, Diane Earles and Joe McGrathAmy Louise Pryce from Telford, who gained a First Class Honours Degree, won The Chartered Institute of Marketing Award for the best BA Marketing student.

“My placement gave me the confidence and experience to do well in my final year, and it has been a fantastic surprise to get this award.  With the CIM year’s membership from my prize, I can look at qualifications that will benefit me professionally. I would like to thank all the LJMU lecturers who supported me as they were so helpful.”

Joe McGrath (pictured) “Education doesn’t stop at the undergraduate degree, and we are keen to help all our students to progress to the next level by developing links with organisations like CIM.”

Diane Earles (pictured) from The Chartered Institute of Marketing presented the award to Amy and credited the University for providing students with links for getting their foot on the employment ladder and also for Continual Professional Development, stating how she always found the students enthusiastic and really keen to improve their employability skills during her guest lectures.

Image of Katie Lawrence with Meriel Box and Julie BennettHuman Resource Management graduate Katie Lawrence also scooped a coveted award from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) - the Personnel and Development Student of the Year award. She graduates with First Class Honours plus her Gold WoW Skills and Graduate Skills Certificates – quite an achievement for any student but even more so when you consider Katie juggled studying full-time with being a single mum. Katie spent her placement year at LJMU’s Academic Enhancement Unit and syas: “I was quite shy in my first and second years at LJMU but after the placement I felt like a different person and everyone commented on how much more confident I was. This confidence enabled me to really go for it in my final year and I came out with a First.”

LJMU’s Head of Staff Development Meriel Box has nothing but praise for Katie, who she describes as a 'rising star'. “Katie really grew in confidence while she was working with us. She is fab,” says Meriel. “She used the University’s Diversity in the Workplace training module as the basis for her dissertation and it was so good there is talk of it being published.”
Katie started work in LJMU’s Faculty of Science on 1 June and is now supporting students as they work towards achieving their Graduate Skills and World of Work (WoW) Skills Certificates.

Image of Hannah MarksHannah Marks graduates today with a degree in Marketing. Whilst Hannah was at LJMU, she spent a year as an elected Liverpool Students’ Union Student Trustee – a role that encompasses a range of duties.
"I was elected as chair of the ‘Better City Forum’ – there were 6 forums throughout the year that covered a range of relevant issues including city issues, housing problems and Fairtrade. It was brilliant for my confidence – doing presentations and talking to professionals enhanced my skills. It was also a great way of meeting new people."
Hannah has just secured an internship in a marketing role in the Commercial Department of the Charities Trust. She believes that her course prepared her for this employment but that her volunteering work, especially the LSU placement, gave her the extra experience to go into a job straight after graduation.

Image of Dawn AshwoodDawn Ashwood graduates today with a First class Hons Business Studies. Dawn is a recent WoW star graduate achieving the certificate in her third year, talking about WoW Dawn said "writing the Wow statements made me realise what skills I had and the interview at the end of process was great practise for a real life job interview. In the interview I was able to use examples of my skills and show how I have put them into practise. I wanted to do the Wow certificate because I knew it was supported by so many employers and it would be recognised by my further employer as well as help me stand out from the crowd."

Whilst at LJMU, Dawn was also involved in the Liverpool Student Union as a elected Student Trustee “Being a LSU Trustee was great experience, it really helped me apply what I was learning on my course and put it into practise in a really business. Being a LSU Trustee is something I always remember and being involved in the Student Union is something I would encourage all students to do, get involved because there are so many opportunities for you.”

Dawn was also recognised for her hard work in her final year when she achieved 80% in her dissertation and was also asked to speak on her research ‘How does being a Course Rep enhance the behaviours required for Charter Institute Personal Development membership’ at the Charter Institute Personal Development Conference last month.

Image of Andrew PrescottAndrew Prescott from Liverpool, graduates with a First Class degree in Business management and information and also receives a CMI award for Outstanding Placement Student. After starting his course he decided that he wanted to do a work placement and completed a year at General Motors in Luton where he concentrated on Supply Chain Management. Andrew was the only student who had his year extended – he spent 2 additional months at the Ellesmere Port branch where he headed up a project on line side delivery optimisation – finding ways to reduce waste and overall costs of production.

Andrew used LJMU’s Work Based Learning Unit to assist him with finding the opportunity:
"The WBLU was the key to everything – they helped me with my CV and application forms. I also completed LJMU’s WoW certificate which has been extremely useful in terms of self awareness and communication skills. I managed to get a first class degree thanks to the great support and teaching in the Business School."
Andrew has secured a 2 year graduate scheme in the logistics department of Bentley. He will spend 3 months in each area of the organisation and will have the option for international placements. If Andrew meets all of his objectives he will progress into a management role at Bentley "Without my placement and the support from LJMU I don’t think I would have secured the job at Bentley."

Image of Jessica HughesJessica Hughes, First Class Honours Business Studies graduate, pictured with Dr Joanne Meehan Senior Lecturer at the Liverpool Business School, was named the ‘Outstanding Student’ in the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) award for the highest overall grade in the purchasing module.

"I had an amazing placement with Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service and all the way through my degree the LJMU lecturers were helpful and supportive and I felt honoured to get this award which is a direct link to what I want to do. I feel like I now have an edge in a competitive job market."

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