Final celebrations for our amazing achievers

03 October 2012

The rain managed to stay away as students graduated from the Faculty of Education, Community and Leisure and the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences.

Image of Samantha DownsSamantha Downs graduates with a 2:1 BSc (Hons) Exercise Sciences. Samantha did her work placement at West Oaks School in Leeds, which was familiar to her as it's where her youger sister, Charlotte, attends school. Samantha utilised this experience when writing her dissertation which researched Down's Syndrome. Samantha, who has already undertaken a wealth of volunteering work, is planning to return to Malawi in January.

"Before applying for a place on Exercise Sciences at LJMU I was unsure if university was for me, after completing the three year course I can say with 100% confidence that I have no regrets and enjoyed my student experience throughout. I am grateful to my parents for encouraging me to apply. Over the three year period I have gained a variety of skills, both academic and personal. I feel that my overall out look on education has become much more positive, as a result I am more open minded when making decisions. I have observed improvements to my writing skills (scientific writing style), reading ability, and understanding of different literature. Whilst my personal skills have also developed in many areas; having the ability to communicate with a variety of people, developing and enhancing my independence and confidence."

Image of Joe SimpsonJoe Simpson, Manager of LSU's first football team, achieved a 2:1 in his Sports Science and commented about how much he has enjoyed being an LJMU student:

"The city as a whole has been fantastic and I don't think I could have asked for any more with regards the quality of the course. Not many places can boast a Sports Science building like we now have. The opportunities in Liverpool and at LJMU are endless and it's certainly hard to get bored - being part of the football team and then running it in my final year has been an honour and a massive part of my time here. I will always look back with great memories from University and will certainly miss it. As well as the obvious academic benefits that have come from being here I feel the life skills that will be applicable in whatever I do will be such a massive benefit to me."

Image of Louise PlattLouise Platt started her PhD in 2007, which focused on how Liverpudlian identities performed in relation to the 2008 Capital of Culture. Louise decided to do a PhD as she really enjoyed the research element of her Masters. She successful secured the funding for the project and expanded the aims to make her research more tailored to her interests as well as drawing from her background in performing arts. After researching and teaching for three years at LJMU, Louise became a member of staff last December and now teaches full time across two programmes, Tourism and Leisure Management and Events Management. Before she received her PhD today Louise said:

"I have really enjoyed my PhD at LJMU, the staff are lovely and have been really supportive in my research. LJMU has a friendly environment and a real community; I would frequently find myself talking to someone new in the staff room, having a coffee with them and talking about my research."

Image of Lily RumseyLily Rumsey is the outgoing Liverpool Student Union President and she graduated today with a Master of Arts School Sport Management. Lily studied her Master for two years part time whilst being the Liverpool Student Union President. Lily also taught dance at the University and won the Student Citizenship Awards in 2009 for founding the Liverpool Student Union Freestyle Dance Society. Lily finished her Sabbatical post at the end of June 2011 is now looking forward to travelling around the world for an year after being at LJMU for nearly seven years.

Speaking about Lily’s time at LJMU Professor Frank Sanderson Executive Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor said:

"Lily has done a magnificent job for students and for Liverpool Students Union. Myself and staff at LJMU have been greatly impressed with her persistence on issues she believes in, and her determination not to be fobbed off with excuses and second best. This year, as President of LSU, Lily has shown outstanding leadership qualities, and had the confidence and panache to gain the attention and respect of not only the Board of Governors but also of managers and other staff throughout LJMU. Her impressive approach has raised the profile of LSU and has facilitated a real partnership with LJMU, a level of partnership which was unimaginable just a few short years ago."

Image of Eleanor MarkendaleEleanor Markendale graduates with a Sports Science degree:

"I’ve been part of the LJMU athletics team for the past three years which has seen me competing at the British University Championships both indoor and outdoor. I’ve also been lucky enough to be a LJMU Sports Scholar - the support I’ve had has helped me so much to develop as an athlete and the knowledge I’ve gained is going to be so useful to me in moving forward and developing as an athlete in the future. Also the facilities, in particular the gym in the CETL building and the sports science laboratories, are fantastic. I’ve also absolutely loved my course and especially my final two years where I got to specialise in something I really enjoy (biomechanics and especially clinical biomechanics) and do more practical work. The learning environment has been excellent, with quite small class sizes which has made the lectures all interactive meaning that I’ve been able to take a lot away from each one."

Image of Deborah PownallDr Deborah Pownall has been awarded Doctor of Education for her research entitled: ‘Exploring the vocational and academic divide between the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industry and educational provision: Two evaluative case studies on a Foundation Degree and an Initial Teacher Education programme’.

Dr Pownall manages LJMU’s Brokerage Team in the Graduate Development Centre (GDC). “I began my research before joining I joined the Brokerage Team,” she says, “but there’s no doubt that it has influenced my approach to employer engagement. Understanding employers is a major element of the World of Work programme. I intend to continue researching employer engagement and I am part of a voluntary research group within the GDC contributing skills learnt through my Doctorate studies. I hope that the conclusions of my study will feed into the University’s understanding of employer perceptions of LJMU provision and curriculum.”

Image of LJMU International StudentsInternational students Xing Zeng, Ting Zhang and Lun Hai completed the Tourism and Hospitality Management Development MA at the Faculty of Education Community and Leisure. They decided to study at LJMU because they loved the sound of Liverpool and were impressed with the reputation of the city as well as the positive comment they had heard about the course. They are now returning to China for jobs in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Pictured (l-r) Ting Zhang Lun Hai, Lun Hai, Xing Zeng

Image of Andrew Freeney with parentsLJMU technician Andrew Freeney, who also teaches software and interactive technology, graduated today with a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching (PGCert LTHE).

Speaking before the ceremony Andrew said

"Doing the PGCert has given me more confidence and it has really helped me to pursue my ideas. Today feels like I have taken a step forward and it great to receive the recognition. I hope in the future I will go on to do my Masters and further research."
Andrew is pictured with his mum and dad - Mary and Andy Freeney. Andrew’s father, Andy was also one of eight students who graduated in 1995 from LJMU’s first MBA course in Business Administration.

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