Student zones ready for registration

29 July 2011

Following an intensive few weeks of training, student administration staff in Library and Student Support have successfully passed their Student Information System (SIS) training. They are now ready to manage student registration for the new academic year, which begins from 8 August and continues throughout September.

Before being authorised to use SIS, staff have to successfully complete and pass a bespoke training programme. A similar approach was adopted for staff involved in student recruitment and admissions before they began using SIS in October 2010.

Eleven training modules were developed for L&SS staff. Topics covered everything from the on-line self-service registration process to the new Extenuating Circumstances process, sponsorships, the Student Loans Company and debt management as well as transfers, withdrawals and leave of absence. Staff had to get a score of 80% or above before getting access to SIS.

Finance Officer Angela Miller completed the training and passed with flying colours. “I have to say I find the system extremely good.  I know people have mentioned that everyone needs to pass the modules by 80% to be allowed access to the system but I personally think this is a good thing,” she says, “as in my experience a lot of errors I have experienced with OSS are down to human error rather than system failure.  One of the good things is that there is a ‘Do It’ mode and if you are unsure how to do a certain process you can use this to show you a ‘tutorial’ in the corner of the screen guiding you through each step of the process.”

L&SS Administration Manager Bill Howes is equally positive. “Staff reported that the training was pitched at the right level,” he says. “Their hands on experience was great using UPK and the training clearly outlined the benefits and improvements that SIS will offer compared to OSS, in particular the self- service functionality that will enhance the overall student experience.”

Training for L&SS staff was prioritised as they will be managing the enrolment of both new students and continuing students. A similarly intensive training programme will start soon for Faculty Administration staff.

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