Catalan Universities invite the GDC to share employability expertise

15 August 2011

Graduate Development Centre Director Terry Dray recently accepted an invitation to address Catalan universities in Barcelona and separately staff at the University of Girona on LJMU's WoW Programme and European Social Fund assisted Graduate Accelerator Programme (GAP) for unemployed graduates. 

Terry commented:

"The meeting was hosted by the Catalan universities quality assurance agency. Catalan colleagues are confronted with very high unemployment rates and were very interested in our approaches.

"Follow-up conversations have already been had with the University of Barcelona, University of Valencia and University of Girona. This has further reinforced LJMU's international reputation as an innovator and benchmark institution for graduate advancement and employer relations."

The GDC has now discussed LJMU’s unique WoW Programme model with universities from Malaysia, USA, Kenya and Vietnam.

For more information about the WoW Programme or WoW Skills Certificate visit

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