LJMU and successful SportsLinx collaboration

22 August 2011

SportsLinx has just been awarded the major share (70%) of the prestigious international Louis Boundelle Foundation Award (based in France), bestowed upon the Sportslinx Programme from the European Childhood Obesity Group. The award is for $7000 and is internationally recognised as being one of the most prestigious of its kind. Since its inception in 1996, SportsLinx, through a collaboration between Liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool City Council and support from many local agencies including the PCT,  has gone from strength to strength. It has resulted in well over £1M funding.

This award reflects the history of SportsLinx (and especially its achievements in relation to encouraging healthy eating) but more importantly the link between the scientific evidence produced by the University, the co-planning of nutrition and sport and physical activity and the quality and creative delivery by the local authority. The applicants were: Lynne Boddy, Allan Hackett, Liz Lamb and Gareth Stratton. The prize will be presented at a European Childhood Obesity Group meeting in Hungary and a paper will be given in Paris.

Professor Gareth Stratton will take sole responsibility for the LJMU end of the programme. Well in excess of £1M funding has been brought into LJMU by SportsLinx and its activities have formed the basis of a very large number of research publications, reports and related bids and many undergraduate and postgraduate students have been involved in its activities.

More details about SportsLinx are available at http://www.sportslinx.org/index.php

For further information contact Professor Gareth Stratton on 904 6252 or email G.Stratton@ljmu.ac.uk

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