Think before you print

12 September 2011

Preparing materials for the beginning of semester? Need a quality print job delivered quickly and easily? Then why not use LJMU's Central Print Unit.

Working in partnership with RICOH, the Print Unit offers a range services including:

  • A4-A3 black and white and colour copying
  • Laminating plus a wide range of finishes and binding options 
  • The option to see, amend and approve proofs before your documents are printed

Submitting jobs is easy - all you need to do is fill in a simple electronic form and either attach the document(s) required or send a hard copy to the Print Unit. 

Plus the Print Unit guarantees a maximum 48hour turnaround for the majority of jobs, with delivery right to your door. The Online Print System even allows you to track and manage your job.

By using the Print Unit you will be making substantial savings for your Faculty or Service Team and if you use the Trac system you will be able to see exactly how much each job costs. For example, you pay 3p for a black and white A4 print when you use one of the University's local printers but you will only be charged 1.7p by the Print Unit – that’s a saving of just under 50%. There are comparable savings for colour copies too – you’ll be charged 7.9p if you use the Print Unit as opposed to 10p on your local printer. 

It is estimated that by making greater use of the Print Unit, the University could save more than £100k every year – plus you’ll be able to put your time to better use than standing waiting at the photocopier.

So, if you want to save time, effort and money and your print job comes to a total of 300 pages or more, (please note the Central Print Unit will accept print jobs of any size) don’t use your local printer, send it to the Print Unit via:

To talk through your print requirements or for further information, contact Peter Kenny on ext: 4175 or email


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