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20 September 2011

All staff working at LJMU are entitled to free off-peak membership to Liverpool City Council’s Lifestyles Fitness Centres from 19 September 2011 onwards.

Discounted peak-rate membership is also available for staff, ranging from just £7.00-£15.00 per month (see Upgrading your Membership for further details).

What are the off-peak hours?

Lifestyles Fitness Centres

From opening until 4pm, Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday (opening and closing times vary from centre to centre). Go to for further information.

Golf courses

Tee times from 2pm, Monday to Thursday, Tee times from 3pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tee times need to be booked in advance; call 0151 546 5435 for Liverpool North or 0151 428 7490 for the Allerton golf courses. You will have to present both your Lifestyles membership and LJMU staff ID cards at the Pro Shop in order to get on the courses. Click here for more information:

How to apply

In order to claim your free off-peak membership, you must first complete an application form. This form will be pre-populated with:

  • Your first name and surname
  • Your date of birth
  • Your date of application (i.e. when you downloaded the form)
  • A unique LJMU number (not your Staff ID Number)

You’ll need to complete the rest of the form yourself. Two optional sections on ethnicity and disability are included to enable Liverpool City Council to know who uses their services; you do not have to complete these sections if you do not want to. Please note: Liverpool City Council will process this data in compliance with the Data Protection Act, 1998.

Once you’ve completed your form, take it along to your nearest Lifestyles Fitness Centre. You will need to bring your LJMU Staff ID card with you as proof of your identity. Please note you cannot apply at the golf courses.

To download your LJMU Lifestyles Fitness Centre Application Form, click here.

If you have any problems downloading or completing your form, please email: Andy Keegan (

Please note: 

  • Your membership will be valid until 31 August 2012, irrespective of when you apply. 
  • LJMU and Liverpool City Council will be monitoring all applications to ensure there is no fraudulent activity.
  • Your free off-peak membership only applies to you; not your partner/spouse; though some activities, including swimming, are free for Liverpool residents under 17 years old.  For further information on the Future Lifestyles membership, visit

Upgrading your membership

You can upgrade your membership so that you have peak time access to facilities. There will be a discounted monthly charge for this – between £7.00 and £15.00 per month, payable by Direct Debit.  If you choose to pay in advance for the full year you will qualify for a further discount, receiving 12 months discounted peak-rate membership for the price of 10. Please note, upgraded peak time membership only applies to the Lifestyles Fitness Centres, not the golf courses. For details on Liverpool City Council's Winter Golf Giveaway offer, go to

Off-peak Membership upgrade options


 LJMU staff subscription if paid by monthly direct debit

LJMU staff annual subscription


Full access to Lifestyles fitness suites, swimming pools, health suites, steam or sauna, squash, badminton courts, coached fitness classes (exemptions apply to some classes) and discounted tennis court bookings during peak times.

 £15 per month

instead of £180

Saving £30


Full access to Lifestyles fitness suites, swimming pools, health suites steam and sauna at any time.

£13 per month

£130 instead of £156

Saving £26

 Classes Membership

Unlimited coached classes (exemptions apply to some classes).

 £13 per month

£130 instead of £156

Saving £26

 Aqua Plus Membership

Unlimited use of Lifestyle swimming pools, Health Suites, Sauna and Steam at any time.

£10 per month

£100 instead of £120

Saving £20


Unlimited use of Lifestyles swimming pools at any time.

 £7 per month

£70 instead of £84

Saving £14

Remember, if you forget to pay your subscriptions you will lose your peak time access. Liverpool City Council will follow their standard procedures for collecting outstanding payments. Your LJMU free off-peak membership will be unaffected.

What to do if you are already a Lifestyle Fitness Centre member

You can change your existing status to take advantage of LJMU’s free off-peak/reduced peak-rate membership scheme. You still need to complete the LJMU Lifestyle Fitness Centre Application Form and you should inform Centre staff that you want your existing membership to be changed. Please note: if you currently pay your membership fees by Direct Debit, you must complete your application for free off-peak access no later than the 25th of the month otherwise you will be liable to pay another month’s subscription.

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