Google Advocate at Open Labs Breakfast Event

29 September 2011

Friday 7 October 2011, 8.00 - 10.00am

Central to the support that Open Labs provides to local digital and creative technology companies is an extensive and varied event programme. This is based upon Open Labs' research into emerging markets, technologies and trends and its relationships with global companies as well as successful local entrepreneurs.

In this second, and now very popular series, Open Labs Breakfast Event presents Paul Kinlan (Developer Advocate at Google) who will speak about using Google APIs with Java, Python, Ruby & .Net.

Paul is an LJMU Alumnus and, prior to working at Google, used to earn a living from building apps that utilise Google's Infrastructure. Prior to that, Paul built fraud detection applications for the world’s largest telecoms, banking and insurance companies. He’s passionate about working closely with developers to help them bring amazing applications to the web because that is the future.

Paul is also very keen for both LJMU students and staff, as well as developers and coders from the Merseyside region who are interested in Google platforms to attend his talks.

So please don’t miss this opportunity to meet Paul and pose your questions to him from the floor at this informal, yet informative, event.

Places are limited  so register now at:

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