University reception services

19 September 2011

A range of new reception services will be available across the University from Monday 19 September.

All of the reception staff, many of whom will be familiar faces to staff and students, are now managed by Infrastructure Services.

Infrastructure Services is working closely with Academic Managers, Faculties, Schools and Departments to ensure reception staff are fully briefed on what's happening in their specific building/location. The goal is that the receptionists will be a first point of contact for staff, students and visitors to the University, providing information and directions to rooms, facilities, cafes and much more.

Here is a list of where receptionists will be based and when.

 Building  Opening hours
 Art and Design Academy  8am-6pm
 Avril Robarts (main foyer)  8am–9pm
 Byrom Street (ground floor foyer James Parsons Building)  8am–6pm
 Egerton Court  8am–6pm
 I.M.Marsh (Barkhill Building)  8am–6pm
 John Foster Building (main entrance off Mount Pleasant)  8am–9pm
 Kingsway House (ground floor foyer)  8am–5pm

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