Ministry of Food initiative

30 September 2011

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS) have branched out into food and nutrition education with the help of LJMU expertise.

After undertaking an intensive four day training programme, developed and delivered by LJMU specialists, a MFRS ‘Ministry of Food’ team is now going into each of Merseyside’s five districts to help raise the skills and confidence levels of members of the community in relation to food preparation.

MFRS were inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food campaign that was based on a British nutrition programme set up during the Second World War to make sure that people knew how to feed themselves properly. Jamie has praised the initiative on his website and is being kept up to date with the initiative as it rolls out into the community.

LJMU were commissioned to develop a programme that would allow the MFRS team to earn Nutrition and Food Hygiene certification from the Royal Society for Public Health and learn how to develop food-based, community activities. 

LJMU’s Hazel Cheung, Public Health Nutritionist (Sportslinx Project) led the course supported by Dave Marsh, Senior Food Technician. The training programme covered nutrition, practical food skills and food safety and hygiene and included workshops around running cookery demonstrations.

Kirsty Barr, Business Development Manager for the Faculty of Technology and Environment, said: "This is a great example of MFRS broadening its reach and areas of activity in order to make a contribution to the well being of the communities it serves. LJMU is delighted to have played a part in up-skilling the MFRS team so that they are able to teach vital life skills to local people."

For more information, contact Kirsty Barr on: 07968 422451 or email:

Pictured: The MFRS Ministry of Food team in the LJMU training kitchens.

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