LJMU students' success in Stonewall Talent Programme

10 December 2009

Local company, A Class of Your Own Ltd, has engaged the services of LJMU, in order to ensure that its learning resources are as effective and beneficial as possible.

The recently created Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) specialise in creating unique learning experiences around the topic of sustainable living. Written and managed by construction industry professionals, the company’s workshops enable young people (Y6-11) and their teachers to address sustainability in a very practical way.

Via the NWDA Innovation Voucher scheme A Class of Your Own Ltd has tapped into the expertise of the University around the topics of Sustainable Architecture, Education and IT to ensure that its school workshops and teaching resources of the highest possible quality.

LJMU’s Peter Horsfall, Leader of the Centre for Secondary and Vocational Education, is working with the company.  Peter has extensive experience in secondary education both as a teacher and as a Principal Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education. He has a national reputation in curriculum development and has worked as a consultant to the BBC and several Government departments. Also involved in the consultancy are Carol Prescott, Senior Lecturer in Secondary Education and Andrea Pratt, 14-19 Diplomas Projects Manager.

Alison Watson, Director of Class of Your Own Ltd, said: “As a brand new SME, we didn’t have the R&D funding necessary to substantiate our proposals and we didn’t quite fit into a particular funding pigeon hole. We found the innovation voucher scheme but did not fully appreciating what a successful application was going to deliver.”

“The scheme has enabled us to engage with some amazing people at LJMU. At a relatively small cost to ourselves, we are now working with experts to ensure that our school workshops and teaching resources are consistent and up to date in order to provide an extraordinary and unique learning opportunity.”

For more information contact Gill Smylie, Business Development Manager for Faculty of Education, Community and Leisure, on: 07968 422588 or email: G.K.Smylie@ljmu.ac.uk

Pictured: pupils from Abraham Moss High School engaging in a focus group at The Automatic with Dan Gibson and Alison Watson (COYO), Andrea Pratt (14-19 Diplomas Project Manager), trainees of the PGCE 14-19 route and Gill Smylie Business Development Manager for Education Community and Leisure

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